Golf Performance

Maximize your golf potential
through optimal body movement

Initial Consultation

Determine the direction and plan for your exercise related to your goals.

Biomechanical Evaluation

Using the latest Boditrak ground force-sensing mat we will determine how efficiently you transfer energy through your swing. Boditrak delivers real-time data and insight on how you as a golfer interact with the ground.

Comprehensive Physical Screening and Evaluation

Physically screening you allows us to understand your body in the areas of mobility, stability, power, strength, endurance and motor control

Body Swing Connection

Utilized to educate you on how your body is impacting your swing.

Fitness Program

We build you a program based on your goals after connecting the results of the Body Swing Connection and Physical Screening


Move Better

The body works in alternating patterns of mobility and stability. You have mobile joints connected by stable segments, and if this pattern is altered, dysfunction and compensation will occur. Improving mobility in the joints needed will allow for increased strength and postural control in your golf swing.


Feel Better

Imagine having the feeling of freedom in your golf swing with no aches or pains. Moving better will place you on that path. Pain will alter motor control in our body and a compensation in your swing will happen. There are no side effects to being healthy.


Play Better

Have you ever had a lesson and were not able to do what your instructor was teaching you? With improved functional movement you now can begin to make those changes in your golf swing that you have always wanted. This will help on the way to playing the best golf of your life!